Electromagnetic Differential Lock Solution


1. Program overview

The response speed of electromagnet directly affects the action speed of differential lock. Due to the hysteresis characteristic of electromagnet magnetic materials and the influence of eddy current when magnetic flux changes, the response characteristic of solenoid valve have a certain hysteresis.

The electromagnetic force directly determines the friction torque after attraction. In order to ensure the attraction force is big enough, the volume and mass of the electromagnet will be large, which will cause the increase of the total cost.

Conventional electromagnet usually uses low carbon steel, which has lower permeability, less attraction force and lower solution accuracy.

2. Specific implementation plan

Force density, loss and response time are the key technical parameters of electromagnetic differential lock.

① Soft magnetic materials with high saturation magnetic field strength are used, which are magnetically stable and non-magnetic aging.

② High coil filling coefficient, low loss and high efficiency.

③ The iron core is laminated to weaken the skin effect in transient magnetic field.

④ Precise design to improve the electromagnetic performance of electromagnet during transient excitation.